Independent Entrepreneur Spirit

Although African Americans have never truly been accepted into Hollywood, that hasn’t stopped us from forcing ourselves through the doors. Changing the way cinema portrayed African Americans, filmmakers like Spike Lee, and John Singleton forced the world to see their view on Blacks. Taking their creativity into their own hands as well as funding their own projects when no one else would. Spike Lee is one of the many film makers to have that Independent Entrepreneur Spirit. raising 175,000 dollars over a span of 4 years in order to create the vision he had for the film “She’s Gotta Have It”. The success and profit of movies like those have forced Hollywood to take notice, although they still weren’t accepted.

The 90’s was a breakthrough for what is considered “Black Cinema”, with movies such as “Boyz N the Hood”, “Mo Betta Blues”, “Malcolm X” and “Poetic Justice”. These movies as well as many others were honest, and intelligent Portrayals of modern day African Americans, all from the black perspective. Showing what American life was like for most of us living here, showing the history that media doesn’t want to accept as the truth. The 90’s was showing that a revolution was starting and it was being televised, dramatized, publicized, and eulogized. Showing the world, what Hollywood didn’t want to accept as the truth. All the while doing it for ourselves and by ourselves for the most part. Showing young black men and women that we no longer needed handouts, we could do it all by ourselves, for ourselves. The 90’s have showed us exactly what having that Independent Entrepreneur Spirit was like, and because of that we’ll always have our very own Black Hollywood.


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